Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We’ve covered this ground before, but here’s a new wrinkle – and a damn funny one at that.

You know it sucks to be BCS spokesperson Bill Hancock who’s job it is to try and convince all of us non-officials of colleges entrenched in the cash flow of the ridiculous BCS National Championship bowl system that the idiotic system isn’t…well…idiotic.

Having said that, his job must be even more of a suckfest during the NCAA basketball tournament when millions of people are asking why football can’t do what basketball does so seemingly perfectly and easily every year since who-knows-when. (You don’t hear any roundball student athletes, coaches, Athletic Directors or administrators who are cashing those huge checks from CBS complaining about missed class time, now do you?)

Well, leave it to One Bronco Nation Under God – a blog for Boise State fans – to put it all in perfect March Madness perspective.

The post is called “Dispatches from the BCS office: NCAA Tournament not as great as you think,” and it’s funny.

It starts like this:

With March Madness at its maddest, college football fans can't help but be a little jealous of the exciting, competitive, fair national championship tournament that NCAA basketball gets.
After the jump, BCS headperson Bill Hancock explains why such thinking would be foolish.

Do you not have any respect for a regular season? Are you aware of Cornell's strength of schedule? Has anyone explained to you that St. Mary's is not located in a Top 50 TV market?

Let's see what Bill has to say…


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