Thursday, March 25, 2010


Believe it or not there are folks out there who think Duke got the easiest draw in the NCAA tournament. They say this because they believe Coach Mike Kryzhvsdfl2ski is the devil, that Dick Vitale is his secret homosexual lover and that the Blue Devils would not have achieved all they have without getting “all the calls.”

So add to the list the easiest bracket in this version of the Big Dance. The boys from Durham drew the winners of the “opening round” (what we mortals like to call the “play-in game”) and you’d think that luxury would be going the way of the No.1 seed overall (and now eliminated) Kansas Jayhawks.

It’s all about money – television money, and a grand conspiracy by the suits in Kansas to get more of it – or so says a writer for the Sacramento Bee (the second most reliable source after T.A.H. for ACC basketball news).

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