Thursday, March 25, 2010


It’s been a quiet offseason here in the Nations’ Capitol as the brain trust running our beloved Washington Redskins has been clearly upgraded thus only making one apparently horrific move in signing one Rex Grossman.

Having said that, we harken back to days of yore when things were…well…more fun.

Try this little yarn on for size as told by former sports anchor and Redskins play-by-play guy Frank Herzog on his farewell WTOP broadcast on Monday.

Says Herzog: "My favorite memory from Redskins Park was Dexter Manley doing a live shot one day for Paul Berry on Channel 7. And it was cold, a winter day. And he was wearing a gorgeous fur coat. And Paul Berry said, 'Well, Dexter, that's a beautiful fur coat.'

"And Dexter said, 'Thanks! It's German Shepherd!'

"Course I fell on the ground. The phone calls came in. He had to go on the air the next day and apologize, but it was a great line."

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