Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Apparently US snowboarder Scotty Lago may have used his bronze medal to score some chicks after representing his country and his home boys so honorably in Vancouver. Also, apparently, the U.S. Olympic Committee wasn’t amused when these photos hit the Internet.

Now, to put this in perspective, it’s important to know that the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee has outfitted the Olympic Village with 100,000 condoms – yep, not a misprint 100,000 CONDOMS.

Now one would think that a “100,000 condom environment” wouldn’t be that sensitive to a little bit of medal hanky-panky. But, alas, one would be wrong.

Lago agreed to leave the Olympic Village on his own accord, but sources say he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: Apologize or get up on outta here.

Lago can't talk about the incident until March 3. If he plays his cards right, he won’t sober up until then.

For the meantime, he will keep his medal around his neck or in his pants where (at least according to the U.S. Olympic Committee) it belongs…

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