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Clifford Stoll is a U.S. astronomer and author. He received his Ph.D. from University of Arizona in 1980 (the same year he bought that denim shirt). Stoll has written three books and a slew of magazine articles including this one from 1995 published by Newsweek titled “The Internet? Bah!” where Stoll explained why you wouldn’t be reading this some fifteen years later…

This anti-cyberspace diatribe is assumedly part of the larger 1995 book, Silicon Snake Oil, where Stoll now imfamously called the prospect of e-commerce "baloney,” and raised questions about the influence and benefits of the Internet.

Along the way, he made various predictions about e-commerce (calling it unviable due to a lack of personal contact and secure online funds transfers) and the future of printed news publications ("no online database will replace your daily newspaper") while noting that you can't tote that "laptop to the beach."

Stoll also worked as an engineer for a radio station and a computer cop (he played a major role in catching a big-time hacker in the 1980s.

Today he sells blown glass bottles on the…drum roll, please...internet!! He also teaches eighth-grade physics and is a amateur radio operator (‘cause, as you know, that Ham Radio thing is gonna catch on any day now…)

(Editor’s Note: Props to computer whiz Edward Payne for the tip.)

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