Friday, February 26, 2010


(MOLSON) GOLDEN CELEBRATION. To the delight of a packed house, the Canadian women’s hockey team won the gold medal yesterday defeating their American rivals 2-0.

This triggered a celebration rarely seen by our typically humble and mild-mannered neighbors in the North who promptly broke out champagne, beer and cigars for a celebration right there at center ice.

Nice, Canadians, NICE!

Clearly taking advantage of Canada’s liberal drinking age (which the T.A.H. Worldwide Vice Research Department estimates to be approximately “12-years-old”) and embracing Castro’s lone contribution to the good of mankind – the Cuban cigar – (OK, maybe he’s got two if you count the Buena Vista Social Club), the winners drank, danced, rolled around on the ice, snapped photos and took joyrides on the Zamboni. They were a bar, a pole and some Chippendales away from Bizarro World Coyote Ugly.

Which prompts the question "Who left the keys in the Zamboni, damn it?!?"

Apparently, some higher authority, we presume the Canadian Olympic Committee, deemed this somewhat inappropriate and asked the ladies to apologize. Which, of course, being polite Canadians, they promptly did.

Word on the street is that Scotty Lago ratted-out the gold medal winners to TMZ and it all went down ice from there...

(Photos by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

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