Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Evidently…to retain their FCC licenses, the Washington Metro Area television stations feel compelled to constantly run the “closed crawl.”

Hey, the Tiny Terps Day Care in Takoma Park is closed. SHOCKING.

Here at T.A.H., we believe in efficiency first. So, here’s how it goes: EVERYTHING from UVA up, UM down, east to Washington D.C. and west to WVU is CLOSED. Schools, governments, churches, businesses, crack houses, EVERYTHING.

Enuff already.
T.A.H. worldwide weather looks like this as of 10am EST:

T.A.H. WORLDWIDE MEDIA HEADQUARTERS: 27 degrees, snowing, again, some more. (Hey, at least we got our flag up and all 346 employees safely to work so they can toil for your information and amusement!)
60 degrees, sunny
GREENSBORO26 degrees, mostly sunny
PAPEETE79 degrees, chance of thunderstorms
MOSCOW10 degrees, snow
NEW ORLEANS35 degrees, hungover
LAS VEGAS – 45 degrees, looking for pants

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