Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We knew somebody had to be to blame for this crappy weather and, while digging through our T.A.H. Worldwide Media mail bag, we found the culprit. The damn Weather Beagle of Eagle Rock, VA (suburb of Clifton Forge, a suburb of Covington, a suburb of Nicelytown and Longdale…)
Clearly said Weather Beagle needs more than one 12 step sojurn. Here is the update from her master, one Bogart Nicely.

“For the first time in years, Weather Beagle (aka, Wittle Sang, Bat Beagle, Super Beagle, Spy Beagle, Sniper Beagle) agreed with Punxsutawney Phil. Yes there will be plenty more winter for everyone...

However, Weather Beagle has made a few life changing decisions since last years debacle in Tampa with Michael Phelps, Pixters (the Round Kitty), and that infamous drunken after Super Bowl party...

Her Beagleness is pictured here at an interview two Sundays ago after the Grammys (she was seen in the 2nd row behind Beyonce), at a party thrown by the Kings of Leon and Green Day.

Weather Beagle made the announcement in an interview with Bob Bob (the Orange Kitty) that she would be going to rehab...mainly for her wine addiction...(wonder where she got that?) at an unnamed place on the Outer Banks...(same place as Charlie Sheen's wife) and she would be heading to Mississippi for sex rehab (same place as Tiger) for constantly licking her butt and other parts we won’t mention here (family show)...although she staunchly maintains that she “only licks her butt” and she “only did it once.”

Weather Beagle, once dried out, has told sources close to her that she is determined to go to Vegas and become an odds maker – she would become "Beagle the Greek".

Before she checked in on the Outer Banks (which she claimed "sucks in the winter") she made two bold predictions...Colts by 6...and (sorry TAH) UNC won't be in the "Big Dance.”

Umm…Dear Weather Beagle, as Meatloaf once said “two outta three ain’t bad.” How’s that rehab going? Colts Super Bowl prediction not so good, but, so far, you’re spot on about UNC and the weather! Hope you're feeling better.

*Items in italics may not be true.

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