Tuesday, January 12, 2010


At some point every season the debate gets going again at the water cooler and over the internet about which NCAA basketball conference is the best.

And, you may recall how each year the advocates of the Pac-10 claim there is an East Coast bias because fans and media folks don’t stay up late enough to watch Arizona State play Washington State?

Well, you probably won’t here that this year.

So while the quibbling begins about the ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big 10 and SEC, in all likelihood you won’t hear anything about the Bruins, Trojans, Huskies, Sundevils, Ducks, Beavers or Cardinal.

Why? Simply put, the mighty Pac-10 has struck out…

This week, when Washington dropped out of the Top 25 after being 24th last week, there are no ranked Pac-10 teams. None. This is the first poll since the final one of 1986-87 in which no Pac-10 team is ranked.

Somewhere, Coach Wooden, among others, is not happy.

Interesting to note, that due to late game start times and the famous East Coast bias, the two western-most schools in the poll are No. 17 Gonzaga (12-3) and No. 18 BYU (16-1). Evidently, California is a problem (but you probably already knew that).

(Photo: Oregon State's head coach Craig Robinson during his team’s 64-57 defeat of Oregon on Sunday. Robinson is the older brother of First Lady Michelle Obama, and consequently, the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama. He played college basketball at Princeton and coached Brown University prior to coaching the Beavers.)

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