Wednesday, January 27, 2010


(Yes, The Buggles. Got that song stuck in your head now, don’tcha? If not, click on the link and be tortured the rest of the day…in a good way, of course.)

According to local sources (Cudpeppa Ike) and the Charlottesville newspaper, the University of Virginia’s yearbook has ceased publication after more than 120 years.

Corks and Curls, first published in 1888, ranks among UVa’s most longstanding traditions alongside the Honor System, singing of the “Good Old Song,” wearing neckties to football games, and waxing poetic about the Ralph Sampson era.

The yearbook was suspended after sales slipped over the past several years, said Michelle Burch, who was co-editor-in-chief of the 2009 edition that was never published. (How do you couch that on your resume?)

Folks close the Ye Ol’ Corks and Curls blame the mindset of the current college student and their addiction to electronics, technology and cyber social networking. Could just be the catchy name?

What next? Virginia Tech’s yearbook, The Bugle, was first published in 1895. The College of William & Mary’s Colonial Echo has been coming out since 1899. Harvard University’s was first published in 1889.

Yale holds the title for longest running, having first published the Banner in 1841.

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