Saturday, January 30, 2010


Evidenlty, the folks at the Senior Bowl have a slightly different map. Simply put, Florida, Texas, Alabama and parts of California are in the ‘south’ and every other state is in the ‘north.’ For starters, please don’t tell that to folks in South Carolina.

In other words, the actual true North, as we Googlers know it, is so lacking in quality football teams and players that the Senior Bowl had to borrow all the ACC players with the exception of those who played for Miami and FSU (hard to call Flordia ‘north’ you gotta admit) in order for the game to be semi-competitive.

Apparently, Ralegh, NC was also allowed to retain its southern status.

It is, what it is.

ACC players participating in the Senior Bowl:

Cook, Chris DB 6-2 / 212 Virginia
Ford, Jacoby WR 5-9 / 181 Clemson
Ghee, Brandon DB 5-11 / 189 Wake Forest
Jackson, Cory RB 6-1 / 245 Maryland
Jackson, Rashawn RB 6-1 / 239 Virginia
Skinner, Terrell DB 6-2 / 214 Maryland
Tennant, Matt OL 6-4 / 290 Boston College
Thomas, Cam DL 6-4 / 331 North Carolina
Wang, Ed OL 6-5 / 315 Virginia Tech

Larsen, Ted (pictured) OL 6-2 / 302 N.C. State
Sharpton, Darryl LB 5-11 / 229 Miami
Watson, Dekoda LB 6-1 / 232 Florida State
Robinson, Patrick DB 5-11 / 190 Florida State
Rolle, Myron (pictured) DB 6-1 / 217 Florida State

The 2010 game will kickoff at 3pm (CT) and the contest will be nationally-televised by NFL Network.

Or you could watch Duke v. Georgetown hoops. It’s your decision.

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