Saturday, December 26, 2009


To the shock of an A-list of V.I.P. invited guests, the White House gate-crashing Salahis (pictured here with T.A.H. Pop Culture Editor and the Editor/Publisher) somehow got past heavy security (two welsh corgis – were guessing they were packing ham) and sneaked into the T.A.H. Worldwide Media Holiday Extravaganza and Parade. (OK, we had a few folks over for a drink and a ham biscuit, hardly an extravaganza!)

The Salahis arrived in the shadow of printing magnates H. and T. Tedeschi ( and then worked the room to be sure they had plenty of Facebook photos for post-Christmas display. The grand foyer with its 20 ft. Frazier fir Christmas tree seemed to be the favorite photo-op location. (OK, it’s a regular foyer and the tree is only 10 feet tall…maybe 11.)

To no one’s surprise, it was revealed throughout the evening that the now infamous wanna-be socialites owed at least three attendees money from prior business dealings (including the bartender!).

“Hey, they owe me $50,000,” said one local prominent attorney we won’t name here for privacy reasons (Paul Morrison) who missed the event as he travelled to see family in Mississippi. “If I’d of known, I’d a taken a later flight…"

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