Wednesday, December 23, 2009


By Heather Dinich/ESPN.

*Clemson's player of the decade will be impossible to forget -- C.J. Spiller's name is all over the record books.

*FSU recruiting coordinator James Coley has made a quick impact on the Noles' recruiting.

*Miami cornerback Brandon Harris is more confident, and it's made a noticable difference.

*Virginia Tech has lost four straight games to SEC schools, and hasn't had much luck in the city of Atlanta. They're working to change that.

*UNC already has a head-start on next year's state championship, since it's the only ACC team in the state still practicing.

*The quarterbacks in the Emerald Bowl took different paths, as BC's Dave Shinskie took a little bit longer to get to the same starting point as USC's Matt Barkley.

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