Wednesday, December 9, 2009


By Heather Dinich/ESPN

*Georgia Tech's talented juniors are still considering their options with the NFL -- stay or go?

*It's not often that Duke finds a player from the junior college ranks, but a tight end from California is heading to Durham.

*In less than 24 hours, the Gator Bowl was sold out. It took a record two hours to do it.

*Miami players aren't thrilled about the fact they got passed over for the Gator Bowl.

*Virginia announced Mike London as its new head coach on Monday, and the decision was so easy there "wasn't a lot of interviewing that had to be done."

*Hold off, though, on declaring London the Answer, writes Bob Molinaro.

*C.J. Spiller's Heisman hopes have come to an end.

*NC State's football players are doing their good deeds this Christmas, and it looks like they're having some fun in the process.

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