Thursday, December 17, 2009


One day after being named the Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press, Tiger Woods tied a record many thought would never be threatened – consecutive days on the cover of the N.Y. Post. The reason nobody thought the record would be tied, and certainly not broken, is simply because the last time something was on the cover for 19 straight days it was 911.

We aren’t sure what that says about the ever escalating craziness of our 24 hour news cycle, but it can’t be good.

None the less, the NYP thought Tiger’s Athlete of the Year Award was suitable front page news along with the headline: Tiger Named Top Athlete Of The Decade (And He Golfed, Too)
Then shockingly, the Wall Street Journal released the results of their Most Disappointing Celebrity poll showing Tiger (16%) a distant second to former North Carolina Senator John Edwards (33%). Really?

All Edwards did was have an affair and (allegedly) a bastard child while his wife was being treated for cancer. ..and it was just ONE affair and ONE bastard child.

Oh well, we surmise that this means that some portion of the U.S. population still thinks U.S. Senators are more important than U.S. golfers, and that can’ be all bad.

In the meantime, various news sources say Woods’ wife Elin is not wearing her wedding ring, has consulted a divorce-lawyer-for-the-stars in Los Angeles and has been seen directing movers and furniture into a moving van outside the Woods’ Orlando home.

Woods has not been sighted in over a week (other than on the cover of NYP).

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