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OK, Dukies load up, you’re gonna have a field day with this one as Ol’ Roy appears to have ascended to rarified air that includes police powers.

According to various sources including WRAL in Raleigh (click here for video), Ol’ Roy had a Presbyterian fan tossed from the Dean Dome on Saturday for allegedly yelling at Tar Heels why they were shooting free throws.


Apparently so.

During the post game interview Ol’ Roy had this to say, “When an idiot runs out on the field, they don’t show the idiot…Let’s not make it a bigger thing than it is. I just don't think anybody should yell negative things toward our players that come in on our tickets to watch our game."

Then he made it clear that if the line of questioning persisted, the post-game press conference was over.

Deon Thompson said, “Coach has a lot pull around here.” Thompson said he heard the fan yelling for him to miss the free throw, but he affirmed that nothing profane or vulgar was said.

Then it got really interesting. A day later, the ejected fan spoke out about the situation.

According to ACC Now, Presbyterian College fan and alumnus Brian King said North Carolina coach Roy Williams over-reacted by pointing out King to security officials who ejected him from Saturday night's game at the Smith Center.

King said he isn’t angry with Ol’ Roy (and in the humble opinion of T.A.H., he damn sure should be), but he is upset that UNC portrayed him as drunk and sitting in the wrong seat after the incident.

"I was not intoxicated," said King, a 1996 Presbyterian graduate who lives in Concord, NC. "I was not asked to produce a ticket...That was fabricated, and that's what I'm upset about."

King, who was seated about 20 rows behind the North Carolina bench, was ejected late in the second half after shouting for Tar Heel forward Deon Thompson to miss a free throw. Williams turned around, shouted in King's direction, and directed officers toward King.

Immediately after the game, Sports Information Director Steve Kirschner said security officers told him that the fan appeared intoxicated, wasn't in his ticketed seat and had been asked to move earlier.

UNC department of public safety spokesman Randy Young said Monday that King initially ignored officers and was uncooperative.

"It was in the officers' opinion that he had been drinking," Young said. "At which point they made the decision that it would be better for himself and others that he was escorted from the building."

Young said King was not arrested, nor were charges pressed. King said he was given a different reason for his ejection.

"I was told, 'Because this is Roy's house, and when Roy says you need to go, you go' " King said. "I thought it was sort of amusing."

King said he was never asked for his ticket and had at least two tickets in his pocket from friends who didn't show up for the game.

"I just want to make sure I'm not painted as a ding dong, because I'm not," King said. "I didn't say anything vulgar, I was not intoxicated ... I was cheering for Presbyterian, I was excited to see my little team play a big team."

Everybody related officially to UNC in any capacity is denying everything King asserts.

During his weekly radio show Monday night, according to the Fayetteville Observer, Williams said he has been sensitive to fan taunts since the Tar Heels played Ohio State at Madison Square Garden last month, when a couple of fans spent most of the game heckling the Tar Heels. He said he was just trying to look out for his players and their parents by yelling back at King.

"I hate that it happened," Williams said, according to the newspaper's Web site. "I wish I hadn't gotten involved with it. But don't be sitting behind our bench yelling at our players in my building. That's the way I feel about. And if I'm wrong, then that's good. But I ain't apologizing."

"It's been blown way out of proportion," North Carolina's athletic director, Dick Baddour said, "and I think we need to move on, and that's what we need to do."

According to Raleigh News & Observer senior columnist Caulton Tudor, Williams is “bored” and aggravated by his shoulder injury/sling.

(Editor’s Note: Ol’ Roy needs to lighten up and quit taking himself, his team and his building quite so seriously. We aren’t inclined to quibble with a guy who has won two National Championships, but this was not his best moment. Removing fans for yelling at players to miss a free throw is going to empty any number of buildings, freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah – you get the point. Williams should simply say he overreacted, apologize and move on. Isn’t that what Dean Smith would do?)

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