Thursday, December 17, 2009


Based on the conversation we just heard between Tony Kornheiser and Rick “Doc” Walker on Dan Snyder’s Red Zebra Broadcasting ESPN 980 radio, T.A.H. is going out on a limb and declaring unequivocally that former Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach, Super Bowl winner, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and Chuckie Doll look-a-like Jon Gruden will be the next head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Earlier today, we reported that current VP of Football Ops Vinnie Cerrato had resigned and now the word on the street is that Bruce Allen, son of former Redskin head coach George Allen, has been hired as the team’s top football executive.

Guess who Bruce Allen’s best homie is?

Yep, that would be Gruden.

Ironically, Gruden is either in town or on his way to D.C. as the Skins host the Giants Monday night at Fed Ex Field.

According the Washington Post (a legit media outlet unlike T.A.H.), Allen served as a senior executive with the Oakland Raiders from 1996-2003 (so we know he can work with a difficult/crazy owner). He then was general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2004-08, where he and Coach Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl.
Allen has strong ties to both the area and the Redskins. He grew up in McLean, and his father is still considered a legend in the area. George Allen coached the Redskins from 1971-77 leading the team to a Super Bowl in 1972. Bruce Allen went to the University of Richmond (Spiders, 4,250 students, Richmond, VA), and his brother, George (UVA), is a former U.S. Senator from and governor of Virginia.

While Gruden has recently signed a long-term extension with MNF, no lawyer/agent worth his salt would allow a property like Coach Chuckie to sign a deal that did not include an “out” if an NFL head coaching job was available.

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