Thursday, December 24, 2009


The time for Santa to begin delivering presents is almost upon us, and let's face it -- a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer (nine if you count Rudolph) isn't exactly the most efficient means of travel in the 21st century. So several major automakers took up the challenge -- create a new sled to meet the challenges of modern-day toy-slinging! We're proud to present a gallery of the finest creations.

We begin with Land Rover's high-tech design above, which features a particle accelerator for an engine and a sleek, fog-cutting look "designed to meet ever-increasing delivery timetables." Special features include a laser-guided present delivery system and CRS -- Chimney Recognition Software, of course.Above, Jaguar brings us "Santa's Little Helper," a design that's part '50s sci fi rocketship, part World War II bomber. Santa appears to be sitting backwards in this one, and orange is a curious color choice, but it's smooth retro-cool nonetheless.Mercedes has basically bolted a couple running skids onto an auto body, but it's still a sweet (and, apparently, spaceworthy) design. Letting reindeer sit in the car, though? Whew. Santa's going to need to fumigate that one on the 26th.
And finally, Audi brings us this (snow)drifting, tricked-up version of the forthcoming 2010 A1. Looks good, Santa, but you're going to have to get more lift if you're going to clear the Atlantic!

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