Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Two young women get in a New York cab…the light’s start flashing. It’s Discovery’s cash cab reality TV show.

These two gals appear to be residents as their destination is a grocery store. In addition, they are no dummies, and they are undefeated and up to $450 when they hit their first red light.

So they get a $200 Red Light Challenge. The question is name 8 of the 10 top colleges recently named in a survey. The girls rattle off the first two and eventually with time running out, they have seven of the eight they need to score the coin – Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Stanford and UCLA.

Now they are struggling – Cornell and M.I.T. get repeated mentions, as does a relatively obscure San Francisco State. Cal Tech gets called out, when one of the cab riders says…


Well, no…

As time runs out, they get the final answer they need to pick up another $200 – NYU.

But hey, the Hokies get some love.

To say the least when it comes to national news, the Hokies have been a bit unlucky of late.

Other than a clean and quality football program and softball and soccer teams that recently upset major powerhouses (U.S. Olympic team and then #1 UNC women), a fair amount of headline news coming from VT the last few years has been downright tragic. However, good or bad, the headlines have increased the school’s nationwide name recognition.

Evidently, just like P.T. Barnum used to say “any publicity is good publicity.”

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