Friday, November 13, 2009


Evidently, the coaching carousel at Florida State needs one more incoming coach to go along with the "in-waiting" and "in-leaving" coaches already on staff. For all we know, JoePa already has one of these, but now it is very apparent that Coach Dadgummit needs one as well - Assistant Coach In Charge Of Telling The Head Coach The Score.

This transcript is going around between head coach-in-leaving Bobby Bowden and a reporter following Florida State’s loss to Klimpson.


Reporter: “In the second half, when it seemed like momentum started to switch, how hard was it to try to reverse that?”
Bowden: “You mean when they got it (momentum)? Well, actually … you know, they had to kick off to us. We had a what? A three-point …? Did we have the lead at the half?”
(Reporter nods).
Bowden: “We had a three-point lead at the half, I think. Then they had to kick off to us. We needed to take it down and win the darn game right there. We didn’t do it. They stopped us. Then we kicked it to them and then they probably scored.”
Reporter: “They went ahead and then you guys came back.”
Bowden: “Huh?”
Reporter: “They went ahead and then you guys came back again.”
Bowden: “Did we get ahead of them again after that?”
Reporter: “Yeah.”
Bowden: “Then we got back ahead, huh? Umm, it was going that way, you know it? I felt very comfortable that if they could score, we could score. That’s the way I felt, you know it? We’ve done it all year. But then we started turning the ball over.”

Unfortunately, we aren’t making this up…

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