Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Future multi-sport star at the University of North Carolina Toly Hansbrough's ten-year-old big sister was the "Junior Cheerleader" for Saturday's UNC v. UVA game (?).

The budding young media mogul used the opportunity to pull some of the spotlight off Super Toly (who greeted the players with high fives and who was celebrated at length at "Tar Heel Town") and to show the world her budding young mogul chops via her mad photography skills.

(If you're wondering why the Heels lost it could be because head coach Butch Davis missed the "high five" opportunity with the Tolmeister. Bad move.)

A.G. got to walk from the Old Well to the stadium with the cheerleaders and the football squad, and then, after tailgaiting with her adoring fans (family members, cousins, etc.), she went down on the field for pre-game warm ups.

It's good to be A.G.

Toly Hansbrough said he enjoyed the day out of the spotlight.

(Photo #1 by Mom/Young A.T., Pop Culture Editor, T.A.H. Worldwide Media)

(Photo #2 & 3, by Dad/Publisher, T.A.H. Worldwide Media)
(All other photos by Anna Banana, Junior Photographer, T.A.H. Worldwide Media)

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