Wednesday, October 14, 2009


From Heather Dinich at

*If Georgia Tech wins on Saturday, it's toughest stretch will be behind it, and huge possibilities will lie ahead.

*Maryland's defense has been taking some risks this year, and against Wake Forest it didn't pay off.

*Despite a disappointing start to the season, Clemson remains focused knowing the Atlantic Division is wide open.

*N.C. State's lack of progress under coach Tom O'Brien has been surprising, and so far, his biggest achievement has been Chuck Amato recruit Russell Wilson.

*The difference this week in the ACC was quarterback play, and Virginia coach Al Groh saw some of it firsthand.

*Miami's defense took another hit with more injuries.

*Duke coach David Cutcliffe has a theme of success in his office, and the Blue Devils are starting to see it on the field. It's time for the students there to start watching.

*It's possible Virginia tailback Mikell Simpson could return from a neck injury in time for Saturday's game at Maryland.

*Virginia Tech's perimeter players will have their hands full on Saturday against the triple option.

*FSU linebacker Kendall Smith is "ticked," or something like that. He should be. Imagine how Christian Ponder feels.

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