Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here at T.A.H. Worldwide Media our staff of media experts is constantly monitoring “worldwide media” (duh) in search of the very best-of-the-best to bring to you – loyal reader of Today’s ACC Headlines, the best and funniest ACC sports blog on planet Earth.

Recently, our Television Commercial Division staffers came across these two gems and immediately nominated them for the prestigious T.A.H. Commercial(s) of the Year Award.

The commercials, coincidentally, are for Fauquier Health, a local hospital, coincidentally, located within view of T.A.H. Worldwide Media Headquarters. There, coincidentally, the Director of Marketing just happens to be T.A.H. Pop Culture Editor and in-house UNC historian Young A.T. The Youngster recently travelled to Toronto to make these clever, edgy and funny commercials.

Now when you think of three words that describe all things T.A.H., surely you think “clever, edgy and funny.” Don’t believe us? Just ask Ralph Sampson and anybody who works for the NCAA.

(A quick note on the pronunciation of Fauquier – something you will need to know when these commercial become worldwide viral video sensations. Fauquier is pronounced Faw-kyeer. So Fauquier Health is Faw-kyeer Health, not “Fuc Yer” Health as some advertising agency moguls in Manhattan (and a few other folks) seem to think.

Our beloved county is the last bastion of civilization in the Washington metro area some 50 miles from the Capitol of the Free World located approximately halfway between the Universities of Maryland and Virginia.

The county is named after Francis Fauquier who was Lieutenant Governor of Virginia at the time the county was established. Lucky for us, Lord Thomas Culpeper (pronounced Cud-peppa) was governor at the time and our red-headed-stepchild-sister county to our south (Culpeper County, pronounced Cudpeppa Count-teee) beat us to the punch.

Have some more cudpeppa dude, and fuc yer health!)


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