Monday, October 26, 2009


When asked about the decline in the sale of Redskin’s merchandise:

"I think the relentless negative coverage in The Washington Post is a real difference from previous years. But in terms of the way our actual fans are behaving, we don't see any difference."

-- David Donovan, the Redskins' chief operating officer, disputing Matt Powell, chief retail analyst for SportsOne Source. Powell says sales of Redskins merchandise is down 47%, but the Skins brass insist it’s only down 12% which is due entirely to the state of the economy.

The sales decline could be because there is simply no reason to buy a hat this ugly ($21.99) in support of such a crappy team...

The quote above prompted Dan Steinberg of the Post's D.C. Sports Blog to say this:

"You know, if it was printed in The Washington Post, it must be true, but this is possibly the most ludicrous quote I've ever read in my life.

Ok, I'll take that back. If "behavior" is defined as "having paid for season tickets last Spring," I'm buying. If, however, behavior includes creating Web sites, posting Internet comments, wearing t-shirts, talking to friends, talking to colleagues, talking to lovers, talking to strangers on the street, or randomly walking around the greater FedEx Field vicinity screaming invective about the franchise, then I'm gonna have to disagree. The way the team's actual fans are behaving is, in fact, different this year than in past year's.

Like, a lot different..."

To read his entire post, click here.

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