Friday, October 30, 2009



Allow us to explain.

Oklahoma State star wide receiver Dez Bryant had a perfectly legal “relationship” with Deon Sanders. The NCAA sent their “investigators” to talk to Bryant about this entirely legal “relationship,” and Bryant panicked and lied to the investigators.

So what did they NCAA do when they discovered that a player lied to them about something that was perfectly legal? Easy, they suspended him for the ENTIRE SEASON!

Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious?

Deon Sanders (the subject of these heinous suspension generating fibs) went to Florida State, and, in case you hadn’t noticed the NCAA is plenty pissed off at FSU.

Yes, you read that correctly - the NCAA ruled Tuesday that the junior All-American will not be eligible to play until September 2010, possibly bringing his college career to an end if he enters the NFL draft.

Bryant said he's disappointed in the NCAA's decision, “but I respect the process." "I thank Oklahoma State for appealing the decision and look forward to when I can tell my side of the story," Bryant said Tuesday night.

What he should have said is “I’m going to ask OSU super alum T. Boone Pickens to bankroll my lawsuit against these miserable, stupid, over-regulating, short-sighted, moronic a-holes.” That’s what he should have said.

"I just felt the manner in which I was interrogated by the NCAA was an experience I never had before," Bryant said. "The manner they asked the questions led me to believe that I did something wrong when in fact I had not. My mistake was not seeking advice prior to being interrogated and then turning around and not telling the truth."

Bryant has sat the last four games for the Cowboys (6-1, 3-0 in Big 12), who host No. 3 Texas on Saturday night in a game that could determine which team plays for the Big 12 title.

Bryant caught 87 passes for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns last season while also scoring twice on punt returns. This season, Bryant led the team with 17 catches for 323 yards and four touchdowns through OSU's first three games.


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