Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey, all kiddin’ aside, we take our journalistic responsibilities seriously here at T.A.H. After all, we remain damn proud of the journalism degree we earned at J.M.U. some 30 years ago and the almost five long years it took to get the darn thing!

Having worked as a reporter, editor and columnist for various publications, we take pride here at T.A.H. Worldwide Media Heaquarters in getting the story right. After all, we are the “ACC blog of record.”

At issue is the following sentence: Beamer then lauded ACC supervisor of officials Doug Rhoads, who determined Monday after studying 11 video clips from the game submitted to him by the Hokies that the Georgia Tech should have been called for illegal blocks on four plays.

Our old friend Anonymous piped up and said: Nowhere has Doug Rhoads stated that "Georgia Tech should have been called for illegal blocks on four plays". Consider your source before repeating a story. Jornalism is dead....

Well, we did consider our source, and we can’t find the exact place we got this notion. We believe it came from ESPN and they extrapolated incorrectly that after Beamer complained about four calls, Rhoads confirmed them.

What actually happened is the ACC said some calls were missed, but Rhoads, declined to name the number of calls that were missed or to identify specific plays that were illegal which is status quo for the league.

The bottomline is Georgia Tech won the game, so if you read this far, we’re afraid we’ve sort of wasted your time.

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