Monday, October 19, 2009


Ridiculous, you say?

When you read Malcolm Gladwell’s article in the most recent New Yorker that compares multiple head injuries to NFL players to what happens as a result of Vick-style dog fighting, you might change your view.

Gladwell who frequently writes about the human brain appeared on PTI last Friday, and, simply put, he makes an interesting point when he says that when all is known about the long-term damage done to NFL players that the sport may lose its hold on the public. He made an interesting comparison to boxing after talking to folks who have been studying athletes brains.

In the article, Gladwell notes that in 1905 President Teddy Roosevelt and twelve prominent university presidents came within one vote of abolishing the sport of college football. One professor at the University of Chicago called the game a “boy-killing, man-mutilating, money-making, education-prostituting, gladiatorial sport.”


Neither Kornheiser or Wilbon put up much of a fight.

It’s lengthy, but very interesting. To read the New Yorker story, click here.

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