Tuesday, October 13, 2009


*Dear Duke Fans: You have a pretty good team so start paying attention…

*Will there be more changes to Georgia Tech's defense? Something has to change, or the Jackets will be in trouble.

*Virginia Tech's defense did an outstanding job against BC on Saturday, but it will have a different challenge against Georgia Tech this weekend.

*Here's a good breakdown of what the teams in North Carolina still need to become bowl eligible -- a lot, save for Wake Forest. The point, though, is that a lot of teams in the state had higher aspirations than simply qualifying for a bowl game this year. Duke is the only program that should be throwing a party for making it to a bowl game this year.

*NC State's biggest problem right now is its secondary, and you don't have to be a head coach to figure that one out.

*There's not much more BC can do right now than practice, practice, practice.

*Clemson's grades are in, and for the offense, it isn't pretty.

*It seemed like everything was going right for Duke in the Blue Devils' win over NC State. For Thad Lewis to complete 40 of 50 passes was simply remarkable. And it was even more impressive to coach David Cutcliffe after watching it again on film.

*Al Groh isn't in the pros anymore, but he's still at his best in the "fifth game." Still no word, though, on injured running back Mikell Simpson's status for Saturday's game at Maryland.

*The 'blackout' in Tallahassee didn't go as planned, but that doesn't mean that fans aren't still divided over coach Bobby Bowden's future.

*This is one of the oddest stories you'll ever read, but hey, even SpongeBob has an opinion on the Hurricanes.

*Maryland's injuries are piling up, just in time to face a much improved Virginia team.

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