Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tacee Hamilton of the Washington Post (the newspaper who’s sole journalistic goal it is to ruin the Washington Redskins – according to the Washington Redskins) describes the current situation perfectly in her editorial this morning “Misery Has Company.”

In the meantime, self-expression took another hit at Fed Ex field where signs have been banned. The Post’s Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Blog who appears to be leading the WP Special Forces against the Skins (again, according to the Redskins) spent part of Monday night digging up stories about trashed signs and digging through garbage cans and photographing the contraband. Yes, and getting yelled at by Fed Ex security…

The Redskins used to have a banner policy based on common sense, but officials now tell Steinberg that no signs are allowed at all. (Obviously, this clever fellow pictured snuck his into the stadium.)

Clearly, the Redskins aren’t taking the “kinder, gentler” approach according to one woman who when refused entry with her sign that said “Let Ovechkin Call The Plays,” told stadium officials that she wanted to return her homemade sign to her car. Evidently, a Redskin security person stepped on the sign and then ripped it up. This would seem to be a fairly good indicator that the atmosphere in Snyderville is rather poisonous.

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