Thursday, October 15, 2009


Posted by's Heather Dinich.

*Death Valley is the one stadium in the Atlantic Division where Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe has yet to win. It's no wonder the Deacs aren't taking Clemson lightly this week, despite the Tigers' 2-3 start.

*Maryland quarterback Chris Turner is making good use of his legs these days, and he doesn't have much choice in the matter.

*Things have gotten pretty serious in Blacksburg this week, but it can never get too tense with Sergio Render around.

*A heated conversation between Clemson coach Dabo Swinney and offensive coordinator Billy Napier has been blown way out of proportion, which is why you never read anything about it here. To me, the bigger issue is Swinney's involvement in the play calling, and why the Tigers' offense hasn't shown improvement.

*FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has a short fuse these days.

*Miami defensive tackle Joe Joseph is finally worthy of wearing his "Playmaker 2008" T-shirt. Better late than never, right?

*Virginia's turnaround began in the locker room before the Indiana game. Can they keep it up?

*UNC receiver Erik Highsmith is yet another example of how those stars don't mean a thing.

*NC State coach Tom O'Brien made a promise to his buddy Frank Spaziani about 20 years ago and he kept it, hiring him at BC. Now they'll be on opposing sides with the game overriding any emotions.

*Georgia and Georgia Tech will not play in the Dome in 2011.

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