Thursday, October 8, 2009


Posted by's Heather Dinich and T.A.H.

*Heather Dinich’s Week Six Predictions, and she’s feelin’ it after picking the Cavs to upset the Tar Heels.

*Bobby Bowden isn't the only one at Florida State whose status is uncertain. Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews might retire at the end of the season, too. Of course, if Bowden wants Andrews to come back, doesn't that mean he wants to come back, too?

*Georgia Tech safety Morgan Burnett expects the Noles to come prepared to play, despite all of the distractions this week.

*Maryland doesn't know whether or not it will have Bruce Campbell back at left tackle in time for Wake Forest, but Paul Pinegar has been getting the reps there this week.

*Wake Forest will be looking for more from its running game on Saturday against the Terps.
With a full-grown beard and a bald head, Duke receiver Austin Kelly looks like the old man of the group, but now he's starting to play like it.

*Miami offensive coordinator Mark Whipple's standards are higher than yours, believe it or not, and right now, he says the offense isn't very good.

*Virginia Tech split end Jarrett Boykin #81 has hands so big they rip through his XXXL gloves, the largest size Nike makes. If you're a receiver, that's a good thing.

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