Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Offering at least a momentary truce for an escalating feud between the two schools, Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said he talked with Georgia Tech boss Paul Johnson in an attempt to set the record straight on Crackbackgate – the flaming furor surrounding charges by the Hokies to the ACC concerning illegal blocks committed by the Yellow Jackets that weren't called in Georgia Tech's 28-23 victory on Oct. 17 in Atlanta.

Beamer said he apologized to Johnson for an erroneous statement he made during his Monday media teleconference that Georgia Tech's final touchdown with three minutes – a 39-yard run by quarterback Josh Nesbitt – was sprung by a low block on Hokies free safety Kam Chancellor #17. Evidently, Chancellor was the victim of an illegal block on a play that ended up as a GT touchdown – jut not that last touchdown.

"It was a similar play, but it wasn't the last touchdown," said Beamer, referring to a 31-yard scamper by Nesbitt to the Hokies' 4-yard line that led to a TD that put the Jackets ahead 14-3 early in the third quarter.

"I don't like giving out wrong information. It shouldn't have happened. And I apologize for that."

Beamer then lauded ACC supervisor of officials Doug Rhoads, who determined Monday after studying 11 video clips from the game submitted to him by the Hokies that the Georgia Tech should have been called for illegal blocks on four plays.

WHAT BEAMER THEN SAID: "They played well and they deserved to win."

WHAT BEAMER MEANT: "Cheaters, bastards, cheating bastards cheaters."

*items in italics may not be true.


  1. Nowhere has Doug Rhoads stated that "Georgia Tech should have been called for illegal blocks on four plays". Consider your source before repeating a story. Jornalism is dead.....

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  3. Well since we don't know Mr. Rhoads we can't vouch for what he said, but T.A.H.'s sources on this are ESPN, AP and the Washington Post. If they are all wrong, then journalism really is dead...

  4. Oh, and the Roanoke Times...dead?

  5. They're all repeating what Beamer said. Didn't come from the conference. Nobody investigates anymore.


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