Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yeah, we know he went to Duke, but we’ve always been a fan of John Feinstein’s work whether it be books, newspapers columns, radio show guest appearances, etc. etc.

He wrote a column recently in the Washington Post that described the Redskin’s pitiful state as eloquently as possible in a limited amount of space.

To read it click here.

This morning, Sally Jenkins explains why the Skins need a good GM and what that role entails. She nailed it too saying among other things:

“A strong GM is arguably the real difference-maker in the NFL, potentially bigger than any head coach. Snyder and Cerrato have apparently decided that Zorn is a failure. But a good manager doesn't just summarily replace a failed employee; he asks why did that person fail and sets out to fix the problem in an organized, emotionless way.

The scattered, panicked response at the top of the Redskins franchise is its own condemnation…”

Click here to read her column.

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