Monday, October 26, 2009


Toly Hansbrough's FYF Colts used their over-powering offense and stifling defense to defeat the FYF Ravens in the first round of the Fauquier Youth Football Instructional League playoffs on Saturday morning. The Colts will face a rematch with the FYF Falcons in the championship game, now dubbed the Ankle Biter Bowl by T.A.H., next Saturday at Liberty High School.

The Colts took a 5-0 lead into halftime and then scored on their first three possession of the second half. The final score was 10-0.

Multi-sport star Toly Hansbrough has perfected the art of arriving at the scene of the tackle or the touchdown just moments before the whistle blows (pictured). This way he can amass huge "tackles made" statistics without really doing anything and always be in close proximity to a touchdown. He figured this out about three games ago, and seems to have the technique down almost perfectly.

The Colts are now 8-0 on the season having scored 74 touchdowns to their opponents nine touchdowns.

Las Vegas odds makers have made the Colts a two touchdown favorite to vanquish the 7-1 Falcons. The Falcons lone loss came to the Colts 4-2 back in September.

Colts' head coach Chris Pearson said his boys would be "ready to play their best" while noting that that the outcome remains unpredictable since the game is ultimately decided by a "bunch of five-, six- and seven-year olds!"

Saturday's championship game at Liberty High School in Bealton, VA gets underway at 10 a.m.


  1. Are the Las Vegas odds makers giving the Colts one touchdown because they are the home team? :-)

  2. Den't know for sure...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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