Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One recent quote seems to say it all after a very uneven season that finds Florida State with a 2-3 (0-2 ACC) record.

Jim Smith (is that his real name?), the chairman of the Florida State University Board of Trustees wants Bobby Bowden to retire at the end of this season saying: “I take absolutely no pleasure in this…I love Bobby Bowden, but I tell you what, I love FSU more.”


Smith said Monday the arrangement with Bowden as head coach and his successor, Jimbo Fisher, as offensive coordinator isn’t working.

“We’ve got too many bosses out there,” Smith said.

“Jimbo is in a very, very tough situation where people assume he has a whole lot more authority than he really has,” Smith told The Associated Press. “He’s getting blamed for a lot of things that’s just not his fault.”

The Noles are off to their worst start since Bowden’s first year at Florida State in 1976.

Bowden said Sunday that he has no plans of quitting anytime soon. His 384 wins are three fewer than Penn State coach Joe Paterno, the career leader in victories among major college coaches. Bowden turns 80 in just over a month, and has a contract that gives him the option to return in 2010.

And while the school’s trustees don’t have immediate authority over coaches, they have significant influence since they are in effect the boss of university president T.K. Wetherell, who makes such hiring and firing decisions.

Smith said that arrangement has resulted in division among the Florida State staff, an accusation Seminole coaches have vehemently denied.

“I know coaches are sniping at each other and that’s just terrible,” Smith said Monday. “There are too many mixed signals.”

He also said fundraising has slowed significantly, and the school has an obligation to fans and alumni to be competitive.

(Editors Note: Dear Mr. Smith. Congratulations on your many achievements in life including becoming the chair of the FSU Board of Trustees. Now a) shut up and b) take a media training class. You aren’t as smart as you think and you aren’t helping the school you “love.” Enjoy your ego trip and your 15 minutes while you DESTROY what is left of the Noles’ season. So far, Bowden has handled the situation with both class and pluck – take a note Trustee Guy.)

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