Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Florida State coach Bobby Bowden will not be asked to step down this season, a source told ESPN's Shaun King on Tuesday. However, a succession plan for coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher to assume greater responsibility before next season has been discussed, though, according to the source.

If Bowden stays for the 2010 season, the source said, Florida State officials want a plan in place in which Fisher would have control over the Seminoles' football operations -- for example, recruiting, coaching and practice.

Fisher was deemed the head coach-in-waiting in 2007. If he does not succeed Bowden at the conclusion of the 2010 season, Florida State -- under the terms of its agreement with Fisher -- would have to pay him $5 million. FSU has begun working on the structure of a five-year pact that would settle how much Fisher is to be paid when he takes over, a person familiar with those discussions told ESPN's Joe Schad on Monday.

Bowden said Sunday he isn't planning on quitting anytime soon, but the chair of the university's board of trustees said Monday that the arrangement with Bowden as head coach and Fisher as offensive coordinator isn't working.

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