Friday, October 9, 2009


Loyal readers know that T.A.H. Worldwide Media Headquarters is located in beautiful downtown Warrenton, VA. The next town south of the central point of God’s chosen country via U.S. 29 is our red-headed-step-child sister city Cudpeppa (our arch-nemesis and long-time rival in the Hacks v. Hicks golf match.)

Cudpeppa, being about one hour from Charlottesville, was the subject of some speculation last Thursday when U2 was tearing up the turf (see below) at UVA’s Scott Stadium.

A few days after, the rumor surfaced on Facebook that U2 frontman and worldwide rock star Bono had stopped in Cudpeppa for lunch on his way from the Tuesday show at FedEx Field to C’ville for the Thursday night gig.

This rumor was, of course, met with disdain and disbelief. Why in the name of God’s green earth would Bono have lunch in Cudpeppa? Well…because the quaint hamlet of 10,000 has some pretty damn good restaurants, that’s why.

So Bono and his crew picked the Hazel River Inn (a good choice) and made a reservation under the name McMinnis. The staff figured out who it was not long after The Rock Star With One Name darkened the door.

The rest is now local legend.

At some point during Bono’s lunch, long-time Hazel Inn employee Kat Wilsey slipped across the street to The Purple Parrot to let her friend Daphne Ryczko in on their special guest.
Ryczko, owner of the gift shop, said she thought Kat was drunk.

“Bono is not in that restaurant,” she said she told Wilsey. “That’s just stupid.”

No, that’s not stupid, just six degrees of Vertigo!

Nice, Culpeper, NICE!

To read the whole story, click here.

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