Thursday, October 15, 2009


According to Zach Berman of the Washington Post, during Virginia Coach Al Groh's Thursday teleconference with reporters, radio host Wes McElroy from WRNL-910 in Richmond shared that he was shaving his head this weekend as part of a fundraiser for breast cancer research. He was telling this to a group of reporters during the time in which reporters wait for Groh to call in.

When Groh came on, someone shared the news that McElroy was going to shave his head for breast cancer research. Groh complimented McElroy for supporting the cause. McElroy thanked Groh, adding that he’s confident he can raise the final $250 by the weekend.

“Why don’t you do this,” Groh said. “When we get off the phone, call [Groh’s secretary] and give her the information. I’ll give you the $250 and then you can decide whether you shave your head or not. I’m not contributing the money on the condition that you shave your head.”

Nice, coach, NICE!

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