Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thanks, Heather.

*Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has five reasons why Georgia Tech will win at Miami.

*Not if the Canes have anything to say about it. Miami is determined to stop Jonathan Dwyer.

*Maryland quarterback Chris Turner has been encouraged to run more this year than last.

*Boston College continues to make the most out of its New Jersey pipeline, and lured a top receiver out of the state.

*FSU coach Rick Trickett wants his linemen to quit talking and start blocking.

*Wake Forest's offense has used a little role reversal to move forward.

*Duke quarterback Thaddeus Lewis is looking to bounce back from the time he missed this summer, and reassert himself at the position.

*Both Paul Johnson and Dabo Swinney say the officials working their game last Thursday night approved both of their trick plays.

*Virginia Tech's defense hasn't been bad, it's just given up too many big plays.
*Virginia's Cavman is a little sore after being tossed from his horse last week, but just like the rest of the team, he's back in the saddle again.

*And here's a take on East Carolina from my colleague Graham Watson. It should be noted that Skip Holtz said, "Many of our players were told they weren't good enough to play at North Carolina." Now there's some motivation.

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