Thursday, September 24, 2009


*Virginia Tech and Miami aren't the only teams playing this weekend.

*Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson tells it like it is, and right now, it's "not really good at anything right now." The Jackets are switching their defense with the hopes of simplifying things.

*Recruiting will be at stake this weekend when Maryland hosts Rutgers, as both coaches are interested in luring players from the opposing states.

*The Terps aren't the only ones who have recruiting on the mind.

*NC State is hoping its game against Pitt will help catch the attention of some Pennsylvania recruits.

*Expanding the search is even more important considering some top prospects in the state of North Carolina are leaving the state.

*One matchup to watch this weekend will be TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes #98 against Clemson right tackle Landon Walker.

*Duke and N.C. Central haven't played each other before, but they neighboring schools are hardly strangers.

*Miami's offense is more than just quarterback Jacory Harris, and that's what makes the Canes exciting.

*Much of the Canes success, though, can be attributed to the guys up front.

*Virginia Tech's Stephan Virgil might return in time for the Miami game.

*FSU's defense is creating big plays, but it's also giving them up.

*Wake Forest lost its starting tight end Ben Wooster #85 to a back injury.

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