Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Take a deep breath Joe Wilson and Michael Jordan, Kanye West just put the clamps on the “A-Hole of the Year Award” just when you two stepped up to garner major nomination support just last week.

Joe Wilson, the Congressman from South Carolina who interrupted President Obama’s speech with “You lie,” surely merits mention. Regardless of your personal politics, Wilson’s lack of decorum was deplorable and worthy of a third quarter A-Hole of the Year Nomination.

Then on Saturday night, His Airness turned what should have been a seminal moment in basketball history into a disorganized berating diatribe. He took a shot at the legendary Dean Smith, his coach at UNC, who overlooked Jordan when picking 4 starters to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1982. He took a shot at Jerry Krause, the ex-Bulls General Manager. He went on to single out Kevin Loughery, his first coach in the NBA. He singled out Isaiah Thomas and George Gervin for freezing him out of the 1985 all-star game.

Jordan spent little time talking about the people who did have a big impact on his career and a bunch of time whining, complaining and saying “I told you so, losers” to people who didn’t.

Nice, Michael, NICE!

But lo and behold, not 24 hours later Kanye West stepped up to the plate and knocked out a A-Hole of the Year home run when he interrupted teenage singer-songwriter Taylor Swifts’ acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Seems as Kanye thought Beyonce should have won and he felt compelled to draw a wee bit more attention to himself by interrupting Swift’s acceptance speech to inform the world of same. Beyonce was mortified and Swift was dumbfounded.

The next morning on the Today show fellow entertainer Pink called West, “An idiot, a jerk, and a tool box.” Not a “tool” mind you, but a whole box of tools. Never mind that the leader of the free world called him a "jackass."

Last night on Jay Leno’s new show, the embattled rapper endeavored to make nice again with limited success.

Reportedly swilling cognac on the pre-show red carpet, West said he was going to take some time off to assess his behavior. We will give the Stronger star points for one thing: showing up. Most “stars” embroiled in controversy would have run for the hills. At least West had the cajones to show up and talk about his stupidness.

Nice, Kanye, NICE!

Oh, yeah…and then there was Serena Williams offering the line judge a tennis ball sandwich…

Jeez, tough week.

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