Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On Sunday, one certain Alumnus and his Alumnus son whom we won’t name here (Dr. A.G. Wahoo and either A.G. Wahoo Jr. or C.G. Wahoo, not sure which) flew into Charlottesville Airport.

According to an exclusive email sent to T.A.H. and T.A.H. ONLY! “They were taken aback by all of the personal jets on the apron with these purple frogs painted on them……. How tacky.”

Then it got good…

“But, amongst the planes with TCU plates, was a solid white jet, with no lettering. The door opened, and who walked down the stairs but…Tubby Smith!!!!! That is correct!”

“Overheard in the FBO while waiting for the car was the Large Man saying that ‘he was tired of roundball, and had always wanted the opportunity to coach a real sport like football. I am just glad for the opportunity that this prestigious University is giving me.’”

That Tubby love, it runs deep.

*items in italics may not be true. Then again, they may be…

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