Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Toly's Hansbrough's FYF Colts continued their run through the FYF Instructional League with a 8-3 victory over the FYF Redskins. (It could have been 9-3, we'll have to wait for league confirmation.)

The Colts' vaunted rushing game continues to give opponents fits while their defense remains solid especially in the crucial opening period.

Future all-pro, Justin L put on another spectacular show including a 55 yard reverse field cutback run which included a few moves he surely learned playing Madden Football.

Toly Hansbrough was credit with two 1/2 tackles...is that a whole tackle or just two halves?

He also recovered a Colts' fumble after a bobbled exchange. (Hey, look what I found!)

(Photos by T.A.H. Worldwide Media/BFP/Petty Photos)

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