Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Tired of practice, practice, practice, the Gamecocks and Wolfpack have been taking turns providing bulletin board fodder for Thursday night’s ACC opener: This time N.C. State senior defensive end Willie Young provided some new blurbs…

On Steve Spurrier’s play calling: "No. I think you can be as sophisticated as you want to…But if you can beat somebody with basic plays, then you can whip them. It all comes down to their individuals against our individuals. And if you have a better individual, that individual can shake and bake, probably, and break the other individual down and make a play. That's just generally speaking."

On South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia's impact due to his ability to get out of the pocket and run: "Until he starts to hurt us, he can stand back there and juke and jive all he wants to…He's not getting around (defensive end) Shea McKeen over there. And he's definitely not turning anything up the middle between (tackles Leroy) Burgess and (Alan-Michael) Cash. You can take it to the bank."

Finally, Young was asked about Gamecocks tight end Weslye Saunders' comments last week. Saunders said he was going to ask Spurrier for permission to get a 15-yard penalty for extra celebration after scoring a touchdown against the Wolfpack.

"He just talked himself into the biggest MA (missed assignment) possible, I'll just put it like that. That leads to nothing but mistakes. I think he's trying to draw attention to himself…Because I know, me and my goons, we ain't seeing it."

Nice, Willie, NICE!

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