Monday, September 28, 2009


Just imagine Freddy Mercury and Queen singing: Easy come, easy go…

In the AP poll, the Hokies moved up from #11 to #6 while everybody else left the building. Miami plummeted from #9 to #17, and Florida State (losers to USF) and North Carolina (losers to Georgia Tech) fell out of the poles. In the previous week, the Noles had been ranked #18 and the Tar Heels #22.

Georgia Tech, on the other hand, seems to have overcome their fear of the polls. They were ranked early in the season, but tumbled down the steps and out the door after losing to Miami. There impressive win against North Carolina moved them back to the #25 spot.

Raleigh News & Observer’s J.P. Giglio (no relation to Pappa Giglio) gives his take on the mess that is ACC football here.

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