Thursday, August 13, 2009


At first we didn’t believe it. Just as we didn’t believe the NFL was hawking Vick jersey’s in the Redskins colors.

We visited the NFL store and found no such jersey as the supposed link led us to an “unkown inquiry.” What we do know is that you can make your own jersey and then preview the number so some wise a** decided to get a few minutes of internet fame…or so we hope. Please, Danny, no Vick, we beg you.

So with a world full of wanna-be comedians with photoshopping skills, we were hesitant to buy into the idea of Virginia Tech hanging a banner of the famous photo of Deron Washington dunking over Greg Paulus in their new $21 million basketball facility.
So we sent the T.A.H. crack research team comprised of one Virginia Tech student to confirm this craziness.

Sho’ nuff! Not only is it in the building, it is included as photo #10 of 38 photos of the new facility on Check it out here.

Imagine the conversation about whether or not to include this photo.

A: You know it’s a picture of one of our student athlete’s with part of his personal anatomy in close proximity to the face of an opponents’ student athlete.
B: Yes.

A: Literally, our guy’s scrotum is awfully close to the other guy’s face…
B: Yes.

A: Dude, Deron is “tea bagging” Paulus, you gonna hang that up as a representation of Hokie Nation?
B: Well…yes.

A: As the Grease Man used to say, Deron’s “doo-dadinals” are dangerously close to Flop Paulus’ face and your gonna pimp that in the lobby?
B: Evidently…

And so on and so on.

Nice, Hokies, NICE!

And the new facility is nice too…

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