Sunday, August 23, 2009


Former Hokie Marcus Vick was sentenced this past Thursday to 20 days in jail for violating his probation stemming from an October drunken driving conviction,. He was released on bond pending his appeal.

In October 2008, Vick was found guilty of DUI, eluding police and a traffic infraction. Police said Vick fled from a bicycle officer downtown in June 2008 and failed a sobriety test when he was caught.

Vick got a 12-month suspended jail term on conditions that he pay fines and complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Vick never completed the program. Prosecutor Richard Farley said Vick missed several appointments with counselors and for drug screens and tested positive for marijuana at one drug screen he attended.

In General District Court on Thursday, when a judge asked what an immediate drug screen would show, Vick said, "Positive."

Vick had failed to pay court fines and fees until Thursday morning. He still has not paid the fee for the alcohol program.

Vick said that was because he was unable to get a job until April, when he landed one at a shipyard. Farley noted that Vick did have enough money to buy marijuana.

Vick told the judge he was due in Florida on Saturday to try out for a new football league.

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