Thursday, August 13, 2009



As the countdown to football continues (only 22 more days), we take a look at alternative niche sports that could potentially impact the ACC. Of course, we’re assuming the animal colleges – N.C. State and Virginia Tech – would have an advantage should sheep racing ever catch on, but for now leave it to the Irish.

Evidently…there is a sheep Grand National and leave it to the boys at Deadspin to give it the proper due…

Welcome to the Sheep Racing Grand National in Leghowney, Ireland, the Emerald Isle's premier ovine gambling event. Even a global recession can't bring down this sport. Nor can it stop a bored Irish website writer from breaking out every sheep pun imaginable....

"Ewe wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it!' joked one lucky punter who said he'd won $100.

"I was fleeced!" said another who said his sheep was still wandering round the course.

And one thing's for sure. Nobody pulled the wool over his eyes!

Classic, classic. The jokes also go well with this sentence: "The first-ever Sheep Racing meeting, which took place last year, drew a record attendance." A record in the first year? Impressive. Not as impressive as an Elmo doll piloting a young ram over bales of hay, but still a good effort.

Here’s the full scoop from the Irish Central newspaper.

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