Friday, August 14, 2009


And today we added a few of our own to compliment Heather's handywork.
T.A.H. is so evolved...

...Hey did you see the funny picture of the squirrel - scroll down!!! Al Groh is gonna give him a few reps at QB!!!

*Evidently, Al Groh has some difficulty playing just one QB – it’s worked so well, why stop now.

*According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, there is some shake-up at QB at that other Virginia school. Evidently, some guy named Joseph “Ju-Ju” Clayton (out of Hermitage High in Richmond) is slipping in the depth chart. Must be bad Ju-Ju.

*If there's one defensive line to keep an eye on this fall, it's Wake Forest's, and Kyle Wilbur appears to be a rising star there.

*Wolfpack’s top linebacker Nate Irving (#56), who was injured in a car crash earlier this summer, is definitely out for the season.

*Clemson's kicker is earning back the trust of his teammates and coaches this summer.
Speaking of Clemson, "Girdle-gate" is now over, but that didn't stop Duke coach David Cutcliffe from having a little fun with it.

*Miami forward/tight end Jimmy Graham has quite a story to tell, and he's made several transitions along the way -- from an angry teenager to a polite young man, and from a forward to a tight end.

*Virginia cornerback Chris Cook has gotten a second chance, and "it just feels right."

*While Virginia Tech has lost a player to a torn ACL, they've also gotten one back.

*UNC tight end Zack Pianalto appears poised to be the next great player at the position under Butch Davis.

*FSU wide receiver Rod Owens has started to focus, and his inspiration came from an unfamiliar source -- Rick Trickett.

For more on the squirrel, click here.

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