Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Princeton Review likes to review things. Their latest list “Students That Pack Stadiums” doesn’t necessarily make sense.

The ACC puts up Maryland (#5), Duke (#7), Boston College (#9) and Virginia Tech (#15). We don’t know what the methodology was, but we think it involved glue, gin and party with Michael Phelps.

According to ACC Now (and we believe ‘em), B.C. ranked 57th nationally in football attendance and 99th in basketball in 2008-09 – neither major sport averaged a sellout.

And then there’s Duke at #7 – they pack a whopping 28,727 into Wallace Wade Stadium (78th Nationally), so this must be a love affair with the Cameron Crazies. (Dick Vitale strikes again.)

The top four schools were Penn State, Florida, Michigan and Notre Dame.

Hey, it’s all good as some ACC schools made some other prominent TPR list such as “Students Study The Least” where Maryland comes in at #2 right behind the University of West “By God” Virginia. FSU also made that list at #7 the meat in an LSU/Florida sandwich.

It could have been worse, no ACC schools made the top 20 on the “Lots of Hard Liquor” list or the “This Is A Library.” The Noles, however, did score a #7 on “Lots of Beer” while B.C. and Wake Forest found their way onto the “Little Race/Class Interaction” list. N.C. State got whacked at #10 on “Least Beautiful Campus.”

Finally, sorry Wahoos, there is a list called “Party Schools,” and, in spite of Playboy naming you the King of Kings in this revered area some years ago, you didn’t make it. FSU is #9.

Must be the weather.

Hey, Princeton, nice band.

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  1. There is no University of West Virginia. If you mean to make reference to the university located in Morgantown, WV, please use the correct name: WVU.


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